The Heart in Our Desserts...

We do more than create knock-your-socks-off desserts.  Cocodelight is dedicated to supporting children by helping orphans to be healthy, educated and reach their potential through many avenues, including:


  • Sending children to school who can't afford it.  Do you know that in some areas of extreme poverty school isn't free, the books have to be purchased, AND the child requires a uniform!

  • Installing water pumps in villages so kids who have to make it to school on time do not have to run a water fetching errand before they leave - a water pump can eliminate the need for long long walks to/from a water source. In many places in the world these walks aren't safe for women and children due to human trafficking and civil wars.

  • Sponsoring projects that help improve sanitation.  Many people in the world have never used indoor restrooms or "gone to the bathroom" in private.  This is very important - especially for safety - of women and children.

  • Sponsoring projects for young girls to assist with education and other support required as they reach  puberty. 


As  project reserves grow we are evaluating specific partners that meet our qualifications.  We are currently evaluating organizations in Cambodia, Honduras, Cameroon.   Projects will also be funded within the U.S.