The Cocodelight Story


Hi my name is Eve Torres and I've started this journey - selling my desserts - mainly because the banana puddings and banana breads I see for sale in most locations are so wrong. Seriously lacking in important ways, quality ingredients, freshness, and taste. People, we can do better!  Just try mine to see what you are missing.


I'm also in business to fund projects that help primarily orphans, but also other disadvantaged children and the communities they live in to ensure basic healthcare and education are a priority.

The reality is poor kids with potential abound.  I know from my own childhood experience that family priorities, like putting food on the table, as well as the social and emotional stress of living in an economically depressed situation can take its toll on a family.  Unfortunately developing a child's natural abilities to their full potential may not make the short list.   

All over the world children are forced to grow up fast and take on adult responsibilities at a very young age. For them childhood is fleeting.

As such, Cocodelight is not just about pudding!

A percentage of profit is used to fund projects that provide health and/or educational benefits for children in areas of extreme poverty.  Click here to see what projects Cocodelight is supporting and how close we are to our next goal!


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